Proven Technology That Works!

Recently, it has been suggested that hydraulics and hydrostatic power is "old technology." Though hydraulic power has been around for a long time, there are good reasons for that. Hydraulic power is easy to understand, safe, efficient, and economical. virtually every machine essential to farming success utilizes hydraulics and every grower is highly familiar with the principles of hydraulic application and maintenance.

Development of the hydrostatically powered center pivot irrigation system was truly innovative back in 1968 when the center pivot industry was fledgling. The advantages of continuous system movement delivering even water distribution, low maintenance cost, and operator safety were deciding factors in going with the hydraulic design.

Of the hundreds of companies that attempted to build pivot systems, only four major manufacturers remain and only one is successfully mastered the design and manufacture of hydrostatically powered pivot systems: T-L Irrigation Co.

T-L has been successfully active in irrigation for 55 years and continues to bring the tried and true principles and advantages of hydraulics into the 21st century. T-L combines hydraulics with new electronic system management technology, and has a corporate mission to continuously improve product quality.